City meets Island

seas + sidewalks 🌊 article by: lauren lee 

A culmination of her Guam roots and experience living in Seattle, Ariana Andres of @seasandsidewalks sought to bring the island and the city together. Operating together with her family, seas + sidewalks is a newly opened boutique that carries surf culture inspired clothing, swimwear and accessories for both men and women as well as water sports equipment. They provide something for everyone no matter your size, age or gender. Ariana is also working on her own clothing line and hopes to release it within the next year or two. Although not having prior experience with operating a retail business, Ariana and her family were inspired by their love for both fashion and the water to take this leap of faith.

With its warm lighting, teal center couches and hand painted ceiling mural, you’ll instantly feel welcome when stepping inside seas + sidewalks.

“Putting together my dad’s passion for the water and my mom and I’s passion for fashion – we blended those things together and made something out of it.”

Ariana Andres, owner of seas + sidewalks

You can check out seas + sidewalks on the second floor of the Micronesia Mall. Follow them @seasandsidewalksguam.

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Brews + Sites: Two Lovers Point

Both locals and tourists of Guam know and frequently visit the infamous Two Lovers Point or Puntan Dos Amantes in Chamorro. Located in the northern part of Tumon Bay, Two Lovers Point is not only Guam’s most popular tourist attraction, but an important landmark in Chamorro culture. The legend of Two Lovers Point is a Romeo and Juliet story of sorts and remains a symbol of true love even to this day – two lovers and souls connected forever in both life and death. Two Lovers Point is open daily from 7AM to 7PM and has multiple attractions to visit within the park, from the popular Heart Lock Wall to Lookout Point. No matter what attraction you visit, Two Lovers Point is sure to leave an impression on you and beautifully captures the spirit of the Chamorro people.

See an excerpt from the legend below:

When the girl’s father learned of the two lovers, he grew angry and demanded that she marry the Spanish captain at once. That day at sundown, she stole away to the same high point along the shore and once again met her Chamorro lover.
Her father, along with the captain, and all the Spanish soldiers pursued the lovers up to the high cliff above Tumon Bay. The lovers found themselves trapped between the edge of the cliff and the approaching soldiers. All the young warrior could do was warn them to stay back, and the father ordered the soldiers to halt.
PRO TRIP: Enjoy an ice cold Heineken Light while watching the sunset at Terraza. 



October’s UNO Logo Artist

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I’m Not a Regular Fan; I’m a Cool Fan

ARTICLE BY LAUREN LEE.   If you’ve been on the Internet at all over the last couple years, you’ve probably seen the word “stan” being used (unless you’re like 50 and only go on CNN, no offense) in various ways. That may have lead you to recall the 2000 Eminem song “Stan” and think to Continue Reading


In this episode, Cami explores the ins and outs of the Attorney General’s office. 🏢📝📚📠📱👔 **Editor’s Note: At 1:34 Cami meant to say 14,000 not 4,000. She was just super excited about this video. LOL.   Subscribe to UNO Guam for more content like this!