Article By Lacee Martinez

For a generation that chooses experiences over owning things, it’s no wonder travel has become a defining millennial characteristic. No, we’re not yapping about the planned vacations with the family. We’re talking about the frequent trips — sometimes short, sometimes months — backpacking through several countries.

Being all the way in the middle of the Pacific, we know it can be risky, if not downright scary to put up your hard-earned dollars and what little time you have on travel. But don’t sweat it. With proper planning, it can and should be done.

You’re from an era of globalization, virtually exposed to every nook and cranny of the world thanks to the Internet. Travel immerses you in those environments, their people, and their cultures first-hand while tapping on your willingness to be open and experience new things. Numerous studies, commentaries, and blogs report that travel can make you a better person, even smarter.

But before you book that flight, here’s our tip for you: get your passport.

We cannot stress how important it is to have a valid U.S. passport. It’s almost impossible to leave this rock without one and an absolute necessity when entering other countries. It’s also important to know that some countries won’t honor your passport if you’ve got six months or less till it expires. When you’ve got nine months left on it, go ahead and renew it.

Also, recognize the value of your citizenship because quite a few countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and even in Oceania will allow you to enter without a visa. Take advantage of that!

Now, pack your bags and get flying with this feature.

To help make your travel goals happen, we’ve turned to a few of our favorite well traveled Guamanians for pointers on getting it done.