Happy August! This month our featured logo artist is none other than Dopechè aka Cheryll Dela Cruz.

Artwork by Dopeché.

The first time we got glimpse of Cheryll’s DOPE artwork was at the Kehlani concert when she made her way to the front and handed her artwork to Kehlani. She even made a sick Cup Noodle themed artwork for Kehlani’s hype-woman and tour DJ, Noodles aka Noodz.

UNO X Dopechè

This month she put her own creative twist on our logo and this logo got us feelin’ like…


Read on to see what inspires her…

Describe yourself in three words and why did you choose those words.

  1. Ambitious: I just have a strong desire to pursue what I love. I want to do it on a wider platform to inspire others to do what they love to do.
  2. Goofygoober: Besides looking like one, I believe I have unlocked the next level of my sense of humor and achieved 500+ knock knock and dad jokes. Hit me up for some giggles.
  3. Dick: My friends say I’m a dick…but I believe I’m just being real?…Naw, I’m a dick. A nice one though.

What got you interested in design or art?

My dad. I was a little kid, He drew this vampire and it scared the hell out of me and it scared me so much it inspired me to draw a scary vampire too and then I just started drawing from there.


Who inspires you? Why?

Cope, legendary street artist and hip hop music. Cope inspired me to get into graffiti. I love hip hop music, especially when I hear a phrase or a bar I really dig, I’ll vibe with it and create something with it.

Cope rockin’ out near the LA River

What is your favorite thing to draw?

Cartoons and Graffiti.

J.Cole inspired artwork.
Commissioned artwork

Follow her here: @dopeche1

Seriously, follow her on IG. She’s dope.