The Dish has reached 11 episodes! In this series, we explore what goes into the making of a specific dish. 


1. Taro Burger from Heavy Hitters

A classic burger dish but the spark comes from the sauces, once has spicy flavor while the other is yoghurt based — combined it’s a divine addition to this burger.

2. The Açaí Cake from Håfaloha

This Håfaloha creation is perfect alternative to the traditional birthday or farewell cakes. It’s refreshing and delicious at the same time. It’s topped with fresh bananas, blueberries, strawberries, and mango.

3. Curry Moco from Little Pika’s

A twist on the Loco Moco. This dish is scipy and sweet with a rich aromatic flavor. It’s a must try for those who adore Pika’s Loco Moco.

4. Beef Tinaktak from The Cafeteria

Located in Harmon Industrial, The Cafeteria provides hearty home-cooked meals. This Beef Tinaktak is more-than-enough and tastes like your grandmother’s cooking (maybe even better).

5. Spicy Chicken Lemongrass Bahn Mi from The Food Truck

This spicy chicken lemongrass bahn mi has layers of flavor. From the crunch of the fresh baguette, to the seared butter, grilled chicken with a light lemongrass flavor, pickled veggies, fresh cucumber, cilantro, and a spicy kick that’ll keep you coming back for more.










7. Steak Fajitas from Carmen’s Cha Cha

These is a savory and tender dish with perfectly seasoned veggies.

8-1. Chicken Kelaguen Quesadilla & Måhi Tinaktak from Outback Steakhouse

The kelaguen has a spicy kick and it’s a cool twist because Outback Steakhouse serves it in a quesadilla with ranch. This juicy Måhi Tinaktak is served as a filet with coconut milk and crunchy texture from the green beans.

8-2. Gambas Al Ajillo from Beachin’ Shrimp

This garlic shrimp dish has a rich and strong garlicky flavor and we enjoyed dipping into with the bread.

9. Green Curry & Pad Thai from Ban Thai

These classic Thai dishes come from one of our favorite Thai places on Guam, Ban Thai, need we say more?

10. Sushi Burger from The Beach Bar

The sushi burger had little sweetness and a nice crunch. The fried sushi rice “buns” were the perfect surprise to this innovative dish.